8. What Hybrid City?

Performances and installations in city public space.

Picture 1 - Lumineus Amersfoort 2009
Inside the medieval architecture of the city wall one used to be safe. But nowadays, mobile control networks, such as RFID and smart phones, are attached to our bodies controlling us everywhere we go. By touching the body in the DataVeil, this audience member exposes his or her portrait between the medieval towers: and as a result the City Wall embodies a Virtual Guard.

Picture 2 - Tschumi Pavillion 2009
The Tschumi Pavillion is a transparent space in the city centre of Groningen.
Here, the veiled body in the DataVeil contradicts the transparent architecture, but echoed the transparency of the network with its online, onscreen presence. The veiled body in the middle is a protagonist, with at both sides having antoganists on the screens. The screens unveil the protagonist’s body as a networked, potentially multiple identity.