An efficient network

Spare time with efficient connections

Nature is a very efficient thing : some animals manage in surviving in hard conditions, all phenomena are useful and most look perfect.
I think we have to be inspired by nature and animals : their structure, their way of life, ... Concerning our project, we have to find how nature is coordinated, organised and optimized. That's named Biomimicry and results can be very surprising !
We want to solve the problem of time for everybody so we have to work on a cicrle network. I had the idea of spiders.
The cobweb is a good illustration of how connect different points and to connect them to the center. Sure we can't just copy, we may have to consider parallel metro lines for exmple to go to the center and avoid traffic jam. But spiders show us how to organise the space around a point, so how to go quickly from the suburb to the center.

Anna-Charlotte Regnaut