Biomimicry for transport

Summary of what we saw on Wednesday concerning biomimicry in transport, from plants point of view

The planet Earth was born 4.578 billion years ago, but human beings have just been in this planet for the last 200,000 years. In comparison, we've been here for just 0,0437% of the Earth´s lifetime so we came to the idea, why not to think how nature has solved problems similar to ours?
Im focusing on how flowers solved some similar problems. We can focus in two different aspects:
- how some plants manage to get the most water from the rain with different leaf shapes, so that this may be seen as our problem, as you have to canalize all the water that goes into the leaf to the centre of the leaf, so that it may seem as all our people trying to get into the city center.
- from the other point of view, we could try to take inspiration from some leaf shapes that could be a solution for our transport network.
Although imitating flowers could be helpful for us, we are going to focus on Slime mold, a fungus that spreads searching for food in the most efficient way, so we can use this for our problem.

Rafael Gonzalez Velasco