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Questions that our group faced with regard to concept of Parent and child, or young and old bonding.
Q : How can we involve families into things like competition?
Q : Involving games from the past or like canal making, stone wall making to improve interaction between people?

How do we involve families ??
As the concept explains we have concept of a new place, which is not a usual play place. It has just some activities which you can performing while leaving your work aside or just walking by a street for taking a time out.

Different activities can be defined which need interaction from many people to do them. For example there can be one bike which upon riding feeds water to a fountain or goes to some height, you might have two parents trying to ride the bike faster and make their water jet looking more beautiful or hit more height. It can be a fun activity where children can contribute and others can gel with each other.

We have to come with innovative activities which can keep people together, even for a small while. We think it will help people in just gathering together and have fun even with strangers and there is of course no price on happiness so the place is free for everyone of every age.

There are places in several cities where old people gather together and play chess on big sized models build on the streets, I think the idea can be improved in a way that other contribute as well or someway small children maybe learn from them. Its educational and old people are also fun to be with sometimes.

Why not involve games from the past? and how about making something like a canal or stone walls just for fun to improve interaction between people???

We think that could be a great idea to use simple natural resources to define this new play space. In the past we have seen more closely grouped societies and even now we see many countries having these models. These societies have lot of things to offer for learning development of trust between people and maybe improving daily life by such group activities.

We also think of making some simple educational activity, quick and easy to learn but fun for everyone. Idea would be to touch up on concepts like caring about nature, saving water and conservation of energy.

It would be great challenge to put all things together but we will define some model which serves the purpose