I did enter the room in Tuesday and Leif and I missed each other (he was away and unaware of my presence). From my perspective, that highlights some of the aspects that I believe that are beneficial to add to the prototype. I believe that adding a sub-display element (what I call observability) that communicates what 'others' in your environment are doing and how they are operating allowing to determine the impact on joint activities. This requires information about the performance, behavior, intention, task progression, and mental and physical condition of the remote actors².

This has all kind of beneficial effects format eh meeting, especially those meetings where people enter and leaver over a relatively long period I did developed a prototype (see attached screenshot) in a total different setting, but I am more than happy to redesign this for the demonstrator (the ideas are generalizable over domains easily). However, I like to discuss after the 1st of March given an important deadline.Leif Handberg: Ljudet försvann!

Here is the copy of the chat in adobe last week illusrrating my point:

Johnny Widén: PGA

Caroline Nevejan: Hello Leif, I can see you, you me too?

Leif Handberg: Hello Caro!

Caroline Nevejan: Am I interrupting you? just alurk a bit?

Leif Handberg: Have you worked in Adobe Connect before?

Caroline Nevejan: and hello Jesper and Johnny

Caroline Nevejan: never ever, just checking to see what you are doing

Leif Handberg: press the mic and camera symbols

Tjerk: Hi all, this is TJerk joining from Deflt

Tjerk: I need to be in a colloquium at 16, m

Leif Handberg: Hi Tjerk

Leif Handberg: Sorry I missed you!

Leif Handberg: was downunder in the presence lab where we have opera today

Caroline Nevejan: he charlie, sorry miscalculated the time, are you still there?

Tjerk de Greef