Draft Agenda

This workshop offers a plethora of inspiration to inspire further prototyping. Both theoretical, apllied en experimental results are presented.

WORKSHOP “Mediating Presence – On Time”

Sunday 17th of June – open workshop, all welcome
15.00-16.30 Participants are expected in Delft
16.30 Tuning-in Walk in ancient Delft and the Vermeer Centre
17.30 Drinks@Vermeer Center
18:00 People can walk through the Vermeer Center
18:45 Overview mediating presence technologies by Peter Parnes;
Introduction mediated presence prototypes by Robbert Smit (CEO YoooM)
Speed-sharing (in such a way that participants may share previous experiences from research and design work on TIME, as a means of introduction and to establish shared references)
19.45 Dinner at Miles Food and Drinks (http://www.milesfoodanddrinks.nl/)
When the weather permits we will sit outside; the football match can be followed for those in the bar

Monday 18th of June – open workshop day, all welcome
09.00 Welcome and practical information (venue TU Delft Library)
09.15 Short inspirational talks on TIME
-Tjerk de Greef (http://mmi.tudelft.nl/~tjerk/) ~ Delft University of Technology
Topic: observability and the relation between mediating presence and crisis management
-Robin Shaerverbeke, Phd candidate in architecture from Sint LUcas/Ghent and focused on )
Topic: sketching
-Stephan Lukosch
Topic: CSI-The Hague
-Hanneke de Ridder (Tuesday Lunch)
Topic: mediated hospital
10.15 Discussion
11.00 Short walk to prototyping Lab. Brief progress reports of our Presence Demonstrators:
Shared Negotiating Space (aka Mediated Sketching Table)
Crossroads/Corridor Hangout
Presence Bubbles (Kai Kukkaniemi)
Saving Face Stockholm (Karen Lancel)
CSI-The Hague
Discussions, wishlists and expectations
12.00 Lunch at the TU Delft canteen
13.00 Experimental workshop sessions on TIME, directed by our guest contributors
15.00 Visit start-up Presence Display/YooM.com on campus:
16:00 Visit remote brainstorm prototype at Thales
17:00 Brainstorming about prototypes (given what we have seen)
18:00 Brainstorming session on BeingHere testbed: proposals re coauthored papers
18.30 Walk towards old city of Delft
19.30 Dinner at Restaurant de Kromme (http://restaurantdekromme.nl/)

Tuesday 19th of June – core work group

09:00 Prototyping planning and preparations
09.30 Discussion regarding funding proposals and related EIT information
09.00 Prototyping
Sketching Table
12.00 Lunch at the EEMCS building (Norbert Rozenburgzaal at Industrial Desgin)
14.00 Performing Shakespeare using Chromakey
15.00 Prototyping all afternoon/evening combined with dinner (take out or campus)
Tangable Devices (Peter Parnes)
What technology can do to mediate presence: a YouTube Harvest (Harold Nefs)
22:00 Cool down drinks in old city of Delft

Wednesday 20th of June – core work group
08:00 Breakfast meeting business opportunities & intellectual Property Rights
09.00 Continued prototyping
11.00 Summing up
12.00 Lunch and departures

Recommended hotel:
Hotel Best Western Museum Hotel
Oude Delft 189, 2611 HD Delft.
Please note that each EIT task leader books trip and accommodation on his/her own budget.

Contact Tjerk de Greef if you want help to book at a negotiated price (T.E.deGreef@tudelft.nl)

Tjerk de Greef , Charlie Gullström