Day 03.

The third day started by collecting information about what we have done the previous days with the project. We were with the energy group continously thinking about how to improve our project.

The morning was entirely dedicated to continue with the being here website. We learnt how to collect articles from being here that we thought were interesting and then having it in our profile, like having it in your favorites. We also had to create a profile por our group which will collect all the articles that we were going to write for the project. I personally think that this was a bit lost of time because we could not spend time on improving our group work and go deeper into our theme.

Then after lunch we made a very interesting discussion. We worked a bit more about our projects, obtaining really interesting proposals integrating nature as possible solution for the bio-based faculty building. Once all was more or less clear in each group we started to talk with the others to put some resources or points in common to make it work as one project and not separated pieces. This was really productive and encouraging because it let us discuss and see other points of view.

We finalized the day by doing some presentations to the other groups once all the points were putted in common and some suggestions or regrets were well accepted to improve the work of all. To make it better we all went to the bar to have some beers and that was also really positive to know each other better.

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