The first day

Sometimes new experiences can feel kind of awkward. Remember the first time you walked into your new class room. However, looking back at these "thrown into the deep experiences" I often find these were the moments in life that I learned the most.

When I subscribed for the course biomimicry I expected that we would do research in some kind of laboratory or maybe even in the botanical garden. With the sun on my face, I would start examining organic structures and try to re-model them. However, when the first lecture started I have to admit I was completely lost. This might has to do with the somewhat hectic and dis-organized feeling, but i'm sure the first lecture of the day was also responsible.
The first lecture was about presence design or better said YUPTA, presented by Caroline Nevejan, and basically discusses the relevance of the process of witnessing and being witnessed and how this influences trust. I learned that trust and presence are trade-offs and that they can be designed. Since we are designing a building, a natural place where people interact, the relevance of Yupta is clear. However I’m not sure whether the assignment (designing a faculty) really suits biomimicry. Furthermore the
The second lecture was more on topic, and I felt more on place during this lecture. Hopefully tomorrow I feel will relaxed and the course shows more body toward biomimicry.