Day 1

My impressions of the first day...

During this first day of biomimicry, I have been surprise by the contents of the lesson. Indeed, I was expecting to attend biology and physics conferences. But instead of that, we have learnt how to do a project which is suitable for the society. That implies that the project must be eco-friendly and trustable.
To show that we had understood the concept, we were asked to think about a situation, evaluate it and improve it. Our team chooses the theme “getting food” with the problem of the supermarket and the carrying of the bags. I had the impression that the teams didn’t understand the exercise in the same way because some teams focused on the marking of the different components of the model. To my mind, in regard with the time allowed for the exercise, this precise marking was unnecessary because the team may have lost too much time thinking about the marks rather than thinking about how to solve the problems.
In addition, I was a bit disappointed to learn that it would be compulsory to work on a new faculty building. I would have preferred by far to decide in team on which subject we were going to work on.
To sum it up, I was a bit surprised at first by the contents of the lesson. However I keep an open-mind and wait to see the tasks of the following days.