Rock'n Roll Character

The culture and tradition of Paradiso guarantee a quality and a certain edge. As a producer I would use the fact that Paradiso is perceived as a special place when funding and inviting guests to participate. A tradition like Paradiso helps to convince people to participate since the credibility of Paradiso is beyond doubt. The building and the infrastructure that Paradiso possesses, helps to make the smallest initiative, as well as the largest outreach, possible. During the networked events, the GHP and the 0+Ball, the technology that we were using was not standard fare at all. The GHP and the 0+Ball were among the first public events in Europe in which online communication was part of a dramatic story line for a public event. The 'Rock and Roll' character of Paradiso helped with the jumping of hurdles that many other theatres would never have been capable of, or willing, to attempt.