Data gathering

Report on findings about Texel relevant to a weekly topic, 1500-2000 words and annex of sources and data, group work

For collaborative research, we have to search and share information about Texel. Every weekly topic may be informed by data about TX, like data about Texels policy on sustainability, past initiatives and developments, unsustainable and sustainable businesses, best and bad practices, island economy, geography, culture, social life, facts on inhabitants, tourists, energy use, water etc. However, when it is about sustainable development in context, information about contextual policies, institutions, trends etc. are to be investigated and reported about.

The report should summarize the information about sustainable development gained from internet search. It discusses its relation to the weekly literature and topic (see schedule). The report concludes with the group ideas about what is known and what is not about the Texel case.


Most data on Texel may be in Dutch, divide the gathering of information on Texel and on the themes of the group within your group according to language and equal share.


Starters for further sources of information:


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