Summary of Han Brezet

Short notes on Han Brezets lecture

Ferry boat: owned by texelaars, not best practice design


30% is natural heritage


uniek drijvend platform: tidal energy plant in the Texel stream: Blue Tec


13.000 people , 20 ny 15 km, hill of 30 meters, 13.000 years ago created by ice age, and created whole region till Amsterdam


On the north, first dam, sand engine( cpied in norh of hoallnd) to create land fortification against rising sea levels.


Tourism, main income plus agriculture


Sustaiable texel foundation. No more extra beds: 44.000 beds, not more, to control environmental impact: plus also tents


275 million income of tourists


create win win with sitiation> texelaars on your side


Ships of the Goldde Age, big ships form everywhere reloading in small ships to Amsterdam. Texelaars were the main navigators


Then harbours sanded, no more harbor. Very poor era. Just before the war tourism started to come, nature experience, gradually wealth came back.


Zilte Zeekool: Marc van Rijsselberghe: de ;nieuwe groenten van de wadden.

sealine vegetables (son Olympic champion in sailing) > local food produce, has been winning in the end after many struggles

Potatoes on salt ground


Texels bier > real brand is a good beer. Good factory.


NIOZ > leading institites in the world on signs and measurements of climate change


Only 10% fish is gine, 10 % is left, finds all new kinds of subtropical kids of fish


Theunis Piersma: follows the grutto’s


Royal Netherlands Institue for Sea Research: Food and biomodd lines: seaweed centre


140 km of bicycle road


Sheep: blankets: one of the few products on the island: texelana blankets

In between main land and islands, nt as beautiful as terschelling and Schiermonnikoog


Georgians: forced to enter troops of Hitler: there was nothing durig the war, Georgians started revolutions, many people killed, the ones that survived went back to Georgia, killed all of them or Siberia. Old Texelaars, did not like the started the revolution…


Den Burg, hoofdstad, haven. Climate change in this harbor.


Jacco Boersen, gradute student last year, zelf pluk tuin, per day 1000 days to pick their own fruits. Built robot, with solar race student of ockels, kills bugs with ultraviolet light. Organizes the green entrepreneurs of Texel. Hi sfather died last yea an dhe now runs the whole farm


Ecomare: now a professional institute, toursist and knowledge and education plus history island.


De Koog: Tourism, create a hotspot where everything is ugly and everyone gets drunk. Is a fun lace to go out.

Swimming pools is one of the worst on energy use.


Sustainable building is very poorly.


10 holiday homes in a smart grid – he invests and shows of


The guests are holy


More north: tried to build dykes, where the tide comes in and out all the time


25% birds of northern Europe in texel.


Old streams dividing the island


Dr. Jac P Thijsse, lives 2 years on Texel as a teacher, botanist, conservationist


North: Light House: heavy fighting in the WO II


Vlielabs on Into the great wide open..


ECN: Mini waterstof economie


Energy burden in percentages:


Veerboot 14

Huishoudes 31

Vakantiewoningen 14

Kantoren 16

Wegverkeer 19

Industrie 3

Land en tuinbouw 3



Danmark: Samso: if we agree we go together, we do what we plan. Started at the same time as Texel. Much further ahead

Texelaar: How is it possible so many plans, and so little realized, some others eading, entrprenuership, policy, toursist too dominant… what is the transition mechanisms


Texel energy: texel sales company: get it from everywhere; now solar meadow soon


Pepijn Lieklema: lives on Texel now. Creates the lighting plan for Texel. B smart lighting, onu where and when we need them. Can help with new emerging initiatives.


You are needed, students….


Religion is very diverse, quire liberal, some villages in the north, cases of polio, tuberculosis, really closed of…and good music…


Rhtyhm of tourism and guests or agriculture… have to follow that, so long so poor, feel it in their genes….


Main social issues: general income quite low, tourists come in peaks, short time very hard work, Many marriages are broken, when the toursits are gine people divorce. Everyone has 2,3, 4 homes


Texels eigen belang, long there before fortuyn etc,


Schools, and also highschool, young people leave and do not come back


The oe swho can create the change are not there. Not changing is an adventage to preserving nature. For example: no bridge. Advantage not so innovative….


No permission for a house: build a barn, build a house inside, barn falls down and suddenly there is beautiful house


Political will to change things in texel is there.


Has to be their plan, no like of overkanters plans…


Sometimes short sided, other groups are there, we have to work in line with what happened before.


Be creative and smart


Inhabitants is stable, tourists is increasing 2 or 3 % per year.


Nothing like a practical academy with arts and crafts…


Percption of life in Texelaars: what is quality of life: lots of fun, love sland, love to be islander, gives you excellent feeling of freedom, good humour, like Rotterdam as working and labour oriented.


Which kind of toursists: german and dutch and little bit of the rest. The germans are the spenders.


Not only system and transition, sparks of entrepreneurship, they make the change. Staying in Den Hoorn


No support for limited cars. Electrical bykes very popular. Leave the car at home, think electrical and fast loading. Suppliers on the boats, they need the trucks.


Quite February, march and November. 60 to 70% occupance.


Have a tickwall, maximum amount of people on the island..











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