What are the strategies of transition towards eco-tourism?

Tourism sector is very important to Texel Island. It is important to protect this source of income and try to develop it in a sustainable way to minimize harm caused by tourists to the island and also try to increase their awareness of sustainability problems.

The fact that amount of tourists increase annually causes certain concerns about the protection of local biodiversity, but on the other hand, it also offers lots of opportunities       ” For this it is essential that tourism takes full account of nature and the environment, and that revenue from biodiversity-friendly tourism is shared by local and indigenous communities[Eggink H.,(n.d)].” In the article: “Outline of initiative in the Netherlands regarding biodiversity and international tourism” instruments of integral chain approach to international tourism are proposed. We think that the same strategies can be applicable for Texel Island:

  1. Tourism policy planning: sustainable tourism programs, agreements, funding, etc.;
  2. Distribution of travel peaks through holiday regulations;
  3. Development of sustainable tourist products together with local companies, their promotion, pricing, (eco) labelling;
  4. Alternative ways of transportation, transport regulation policies and measures;
  5. Environment-care systems for hotels etc.;
  6. Planning/zoning  of tourist activities, taking into account carrying capacity of biodiversity/nature;


Eggink H., “Outline of initiative in the Netherlands regarding biodiversity and international tourism”, Convention of Biologocal Diversity, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries, Department of Nature Management, Netherlands


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