2.3 The current trends and developments

Trends, developments and initiatives show what is already happening on the Island of Texel and what the vision and ideas of the future are. Some ideas come from the mainland and are hard to apply, but some ideas are already applied by the inhabitants of Texel. The initiatives and trends are not always direct applicable for the sub-system leisure and knowledge, but indirecty influence it. Also a distinction is made between what is done or already happening on the island and ideas and visions for the future. 


Initiatives on the Island

- Texel’s brewery
Aim to use local products and to educate by excursions. 

- Zelf pluk tuin, Jaco Boersen
Sustainable development aim to gather your own food, use local products and can initiate that people will grow their own food. 

- Natural foods, Marc van Rijsselberghe
Aim to use local products such as salt-tolerant potatoes, may initiate a solution for world problem of salinated water. 

- TexelEnergie
Give information about production of renewable energy, also advising inhabitants, organizing excursions and give tools to advise in buying pv panels. Sustainable development aims at producing renewable energy and contributes to the goal of energy neutral Texel.

- D-Expo
Aim to make people excited for sustainble development with fun, creating awareness. Think big start small.

- Texel team 2020 [5]
Team of people who put their strenght together to accelerate the sustainable development on Texel. Building on the work of Stichting Duurzaam Texel, TexelEnergie and the Urgenda Arena. Sustainable front runners: Robin Konijn, Brendan de Graaf, Mark van Rijsselberghe, Rikus Kieft, Herman Ridderinkhof, Pieter de Vries en Marjan Minnesma.

- Texelse Kost [4]
Aim to be as Texel food self-sufficient with environmentally and friendly produced food, No middlemen: Sustainable, local and for everyone!


Examples of 'Tested on Texel' [1]
According to the report Texel geeft energy (Urgenda) Texel has already tested: ‘Individuele sanitaire blokken voor op campings, Sumwing, natuurontwikkeling in combinatie met recreatieparken­, isolatiewol, TCA, Snelstart, Texel wool, STIFT, Stichting Duurzaam Texel, VVV organisatie­ structuur, duurzame jachthaven, hout CV Weijers, biomassapers en nog vele anderen…’ It is not known if these projects were succesfull or not. 


Participatie samenleving

A transition is going on in The Netherlands that there is a shift from the care state, where the government took care of their people, to a participation society, where people will care for people. This is a development that should be taken into account and be used to empower our ambitions of people taking care of their island and the environment. There is also a transition from professional help to more voluntary help, every one has talents and should be set in their own strength. 


Ideas for the future 2040 [1]

- Hall of fame, walk of fame©
Innovative projects from the past and present of the fisheries, agriculture , tourism , art, etc. are presented in the 'Tested on Texel Hall of Fame'. At the town hall everyone can walk on the Walk of Fame. For pioneers and people who once stuck out their necks to get a special place.

- Testboot©
During the boat trip products and services are offered that you can test during your stay on the island. Experiences and findings will be evaluated during the return trip.

- Nieuwe dijken & zandsuppletie­©
Texel offers itself to be a testing ground for new dikes and sand nourishment. Dikes where you can live and work, which can occasionally overflow.

- Texel energie online©
At this time, it is not possible to monitor the instant energy consumption of the whole island. The data will not be directly available. It is important to get a collective awareness and understanding of the current power consumption in order to achieve its goals of an energy neutral island.

- Center of excellence for maritime innovation [2]
The NIOZ has an ambition to expand their center to a center for maritime innovations, with different test cases such as sea water cooled PV power plants, testing tidal energy, salty culture, seaweed sience center and some more. 

- Mini waterstofeconomie voor het eiland Texel by ECN in 2004/2005 [3]
 Texel had in the past an ambition to harvest energy with hydrogen power by ECN. The reason why this did not happen is not clear, but it may be an option for the future. 


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[5] http://www.doinnwh.nl/nieuws/lancering-texel-team-2020-voor-versnellen-verduurzaming-/

Stefan H , Thalia , Dennis

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