Texel delicacy

Do you know the feeling of looking at pictures of food you already smell it and really want to taste it. You get immediately hungry. I know that feeling very well!

My group mates and I are looking for a more sustainable way of food production and consumption on Texel. We are investigating which food is common on the island right now and which kind of food would be the best for Texel. We are looking at traditional Texel food and how to bring this kind of food back to the market. They have so many delicious good looking traditional Texel food. For instants the Texel beers. Not just a normal beer, but 10 special beers. Maybe served with some toast with sheep cheese from a traditional Texel sheep’s. Sounds delicious right? And that's not all. There are also different kind of “new” saline vegetables growing on Texel. Like the saline rucola or the sea beet. I’m getting hungry right know by writing about it! And you haven’t seen the pictures yet. We have seen it all. It looks delicious. They even have several biking routes to taste al the Texel delicacy. I want to go on such a tour and taste it all! Or just buy it here in Delft, so we won’t get hungry during our meetings any more. 

But then it won’t be local anymore. It will first have to be transported and there will be more emissions. It will also lose its local character. Would it still be sustainable? And are these delicacies are produced sustainably anyway? How can we find out which of these delicious products are sustainable and which are not? Should we choose something that is sustainable? Or something that just looks good? Or is there something in between? I think that is one of the common questions in sustainability. 

My group mates and I need to look for this need to find the compromise. Traditional or delicious real Texel food that also can be produced in a sustainable way. I think we have to wait for our Texel beer and Toast with sheep cheese until we are arrived on Texel. Maybe we can do a bike tour with whole the group and taste everything! For now we will just buy some Delft delicacy. 


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