Toursim and its effect on Texel

Tourists are an integral part to Texel's economy and sustenance. Providing for almost 50% of the population of the island they are critical to island's survival. 


The typical Texel tourist:

1. Visits the island because of its natural beauty, ecological diversity and serenity.

2. Is about the average age of 42

3. 68% Netherlands, 27% Germany and 5% other countries.

4. Group size is about: 3 people


Given the tourists specifics, to maximise Texel's growth:

1. Primary concern should be to protect the ecosystem

2. Since the average age is about 42, it does not make sense to make a theme park. However, emphasis should be on improving/preserving the natural beauty of the island.

3. From the agricultural perspective, high quality sheep and fresh vegetables grown in Texel will definitely be more valued. Considering the age group of 42, organic food will also interest the tourists.

4. Special methods of cultivating the vegetables/rearing sheep must be highlighted, the tourists might even pay more for the food considering it is of high quality.


Another idea would be to design a restaurant which wou

Involving tourists and intimating them to the Texel culture is beneficial for the island. Encouraging the tourists to try out local organic delicacies at the markets will benefit Texel's agricultural based economy. 


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