3.6_a How are these actions connected?

So at the moment there are four different actions regarding leisure and knowledge. 

1. A "sustainability route"

This touristic route across Texel has a sustainable island theme. By visiting different activities and projects one can gain the knoowledge of Texel as a sustainable island.

2. A more active role of schools

 Knowledge is the key to sustainable development, and the best way to start is at the start: primary schools. By showing students the importance of sustainable development and the role this plays in their island Texel, kids will be enthused and educated about all the initiatives, possibilities and importance of a more sustainable future.

3. More sustainable leisure

Since leisure is an important part of tourism and income, improving on this area gives quite an improvement to Texel as a sustainable island. By using new techniques, improving buildings, using specific products and having a positive attitude will improve the environmental as well as economical aspects.

4. A "Center of Innovation"

As the most dramatic change there's the idea of a special institute or center promoting sustainable innovation , focused on children, and a Texel department of the Wadden Academy. Combining this center with the current knowledge institutes on Texel, it becomes a center of innovation and knowledge for Texel and its surroundings.



Of course some of these ideas are interrelated. Most obvious is the possibility of the primary schools to make a common program with the center of innovation. This directly improves the awareness with the students in a more playful way.

Also an important link exists between the available sustainable route, the more sustainable leisure activities and locations and the center of innovation. Including the restaurants and bars which are 'sufficient sustainable' will certainly boost their publicity and patronage. It also gives (free?) advertisement, which is always nice. Besides the leisure part, the center of innovation will of course be included in the route.

A combination of all will increase not only Texel as sustainable island, but also the reputation of Texel as a sustainable island. This will be a unique selling point of Texel in the future and thus stimulating tourism.

Dennis , Thalia , Stefan H

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