Dictionary, Crumbled Piece of Paper and Responsibility.

While I was searching for some information about the sustainability issues this week I came across one website which I would like to share with you. I am doing it not because I want to promote it or to describe how good it is. The reason why I want to dedicate part of my column of this week to this specific website is because I like the idea and the initiative of people who created it. Moreover, it helped me to recall one interesting story and think about our responsibility towards the world we live in.

The website I am talking about is called “The Dictionary of Sustainable Management”. This is an open online dictionary for business leaders and students related to sustainability, business and management studies. This dictionary is an initiative of the students from Presidio Graduate School and the main purpose and their goal is:”… to inspire people to better understand how sustainability concepts are creating new understandings (or reinvigorating old ones) in the spheres of business, government, and society. ” The dictionary is designed as an open source where everyone can leave comments or submit their own definitions and ideas, which, if approved by the editors, can become part of the dictionary.

I find such an approach towards suitability issues very interesting and important. I think that open online dictionary is a nice way to involve students to share knowledge they gain with the specialists that are already working in the field and might have less knowledge about sustainability. This idea reminds me of a story about the privilege. The responsibilities we all have by gaining specific knowledge do not have to be wasted, but used. While learning about sustainability, different approaches towards it, theories and ways to be sustainable we should understand the importance and responsibility to make them come true. Maybe it will happen not today or tomorrow, but we must keep trying to apply our knowledge into practice.  


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