Aournd Christmas always a lot of light light up the city. In shopping streets mostly for a longer time, in houses in the christmas tree also for a longer time, and in cities like Delft they have an annual 'lichtjesavond', this is one day of extra lights all over the city. Environmentally seen, this is not very responsible, but the extra 'gezelligheid' in the city is worth it, mostly. The last couple of year, however, in Amsterdam they have the 'light festival'. This started a few years ago with a few artistic sculptures in the water that were lit, now they have called it a festival. However, it is not enough to actually go to see. There are a few lit things in the canals, most of them small and only really visible from a boat. This, in my opinion, does not add anything to the cities look or feel, but does cost a lot of energy. It is things like these where we could save a lot of energy. Not by completely abandoning them, but by making them more energy efficient. Small thing like that can have a large impact if implemented on a large enough scale, like the ban of the incandescent light bulb. I think through those little changes we can achieve energy consumption without using fossil fuels.