Orchestration of communication

Wilson finds that the orchestration of communication with different colleagues and business partners is different in many aspects: in tone of voice, in response time, in how to take minutes, in how to behave when in trouble and it is different in deciding when to meet in real life. All these things have to be appropriate to the relation and this effort is easily under estimated.

With her co-founders and business partners she makes sure to meet in real life to sustain the relationship with them. Every 2 year she tries to spend a few months in the head office. At that time the big decisions about people and future projects and plans are made. She feels one has to be in one room at such moments. When big trouble happens, all stakeholders have to meet in real life as well.

With the programmers Wilson insists on being decent in online communication, polite and personal, yet distant, use diplomacy and sometimes hang out and make jokes on chat or video conf or phone. They use chat and phone to discuss issues, while they use email to arrest minutes of other online sessions. In this collaboration, in which Rebekah is in charge, hard specifications are crucial. Partners may want something done in 3 months, the programmers think they will need 9 months, and it gets done in 6 months. While doing the work it is crucial how fast you get back to people.