Making the Being-Here site

The site is curated and edited by Caroline Nevejan, researcher with the Participatory Systems Initiatve at Delft University of Technology. In 2007 she succesfully defended her dissertation Presence and the Design of Trust upon which this research builds. This website explores how interdisciplinary research can be published to inspire new interaction and further research.

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A first design experiment consisted of entering all paragraphs of the dissertation into a database and attributing keywords to each paragraph. This resulted in creating a 'surfable' dissertation and interestingly consistency of meaning emerged. The experiment can be seen at:
This site is a second experiment. Interviews with practitioners, artist contributions and academic research is published in the same Anymeta format of title, intro, body text and images.

For a different overview of the same research, please go to:

Find hereunder a paper abou tthe creation of this site that was presented at the International Presence Conference in Edinburgh 27th of October 2011