Presence as connection

Satinder Gill argues that in order to witness, there has to be a connection. The notion of presence is considered in terms of one person being in the presence of another. One is aware of the other. But witnessed presence adds a dimension of how it is that you are present with another.

It’s both being perceived, whilst the other is perceiving. It is reciprocal, so not only am I witnessing but another is aware that they are being witnessed as well. As a result a connection evolves which has the potential for rhythmic coordination. If the connection isn’t already there, it will be achieved. In the act of witnessing, as Gill formulates, I am somehow connected in my body and the way I might be moving, breathing etcetera, with another human being. There is also judging happening in perceiving because there is an awareness of another’s possible intentions in the way in which they are present. And in the act of witnessing and being witnessed, necessarily a connection is being established that involves the potential and possibility of some kind of synchrony and rhythm.