First reflexions

At the end of our first day of the course, these are my first reflexions.

Today was the first day of our course "Presence Design" in TUDelft. After a short reception with all the Athens students, we went to the library to start our day.
First we attended a lecture about Smart Grids. We learnt that even in nature, indiviudals tend to form groups to create a safer and more efficient environment. Smart grids find their structure in this idea: create a decentralized structure to stablish a network aimed to solve a techological problem.
After that we took a break for luch.
Afterwards we attended another lecture about Presence, which introduced us the idea of trust, focusing in the YUTPA framework. It provides four dimensions (action, time, place and relation) that can help us analyse trade-offs in different systems. In order to deepen in this idea, we created different groups with different assigments. My project consisted in studing the role that waste plays in a typicall day and presenting some ideas to get ride of the trash.
Finally, we received the last lecture of the day, where they tought us how to use this site.