Scoping procedure : Smart Grid for City's Waste

Scoping procedure concerning the problem of waste in a city

The real challenge, that we want our project to be concerned, is how to organise and to recycle of city's waste. We have to determine this problem in order to start the scoping procedure.
The main goals that we want our design to achieve are four.The first function is to locate the waste, in every individual unit in the city. The second function is, after having located the waste, to organise and seperate them in to some categories that we will determine later on. These two functions are in the macroscopic level.
As far as the next two functions are concerned, they are included in the microscopic level. The third function that we want to achieve is to reuse the biggest part of the waste. This is the most important part of our design and our main target is to manage to recycle the biggest amount of waste that is possible. Finally, the last function is to damn the part of the waste that we can reuse in any way.

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos