Scoping procedure: Designh Brief

We define the Design Brief.

Our next concern is to define the Design Brief. Our design contains trush so the most important part is to be clean and healty, for the people who are near and the enviroment also. Moreover, we will design a smart grid so the main condition is that it has to be decentralised. Adittionally, our last non-negotiable condition is that our design has to be easy to use for everyone. This concerns especially elder , young and disable people.
Some other parameters that we have to take under concideration are the climate conditions, that in our city is Meditteranian climate.
Finally, a very important part is to biologise our design's functions. We will biologize how nature can reuse waste. The results of this research will be published soon....

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos