How can Waste help other groups?

How can Waste help other groups in their designs...

Before we go to the design part of our waste project we asked all the other groups to help us with giving ideas. In fact eatch team had to write some demands from the other teams.
That made us learn more things about everyones project, to see what they want their design to achieve, and also to generate many ideas about our design. We had to think how all these groups can be conected to eatch other and how they could help us achieve our goals.
We tried to demand many things so that all the teams will have to expant their points of view. The difficnlt part was after giving the questions, because we had to find some solutions. Our goal was to keep everyone happy, and to help as much as we can. Of cource this is not always possible because some demands don't match to our design. But even then we tried to use our imaginations and find other solutions that will solve, at least part of, the problem.
I think this task was very helpful because we get to learn about the difficulties eatch design confronts, we used our imagination very much and we understood that we all depent to eatch other and in order to succed with our design we have to communicate with all the groups. I believe that the outcome of this week will be very interesting.

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos