Final Presentation

`FOOD`URE in the year 2050

We designed a smart grid that will distribute the food being produced in the city in a efficient and intelligent way. It is based on just-in-time manufacturing.
In each neighbourhood there will be a farm that produces the food in a healthy, biological way. After the production, the food will be divided into two lines.
The first line will distribute the food directly to the homes. We cut out the role of the supermarket. By doing this the vegetables will always be fresh, the consumers will pay less and the farmers will earn more. There is also the possibility to go to the farm to see and pick the vegetables yourself. Of course it will be cheaper when you pick it yourself.
When there is more food being produced than ordered, the overabundance will go to the second line. This is the emergency stock were the food can be dried or put into cans.
People can order the food by using their smart fridge.

Roland Grillneder , Anouk Vangronsveld , Sergio Díaz , Nuria Aramburu