Shelter - Introduction

The social aspect of living ,problems and discuss for solutions

Today we had to imagine and design the social aspecof a human sheltert and the interactions that occour in a neighbour.The goup consists of four persons Rita,Felipe,jesus and Panagiotis. First of all we draw a steet and started putting the human presence on it.Furthermore we put houses and two blocks of appartments.Then we continued with public spaces where people meet.So we create a market , a school, a bus stop,some parking lots , a park with sport facilities, a church some more shops.We focused on what kind of persons and what time they use each facility and move in the street.How they interact in the presence of the others. We also put a pub that creates problems in the neighbour for which the citizens have to find a solution.

Palantas Panagiotis , Rita Franca , Felipe De Lima , Jesús Lloredo Fernández