Carpet Tile’s Factory & Bio Mimicry Concepts

Second meeting of the course The Presence and the Design of Trust

Our second meeting was a good day about reflections, teamwork and concepts. A short lecture about Bio Mimicry, but what’s exactly bio mimicry does? That’s a new concept of design based on natural forms, we can be inspirited in the nature to create our scenario, our way of life.

This concept about the nature, and also the sustainability is the way of work for the Carpet Tile Factory that we visited at Scherpenzeel, in Holland. The concept emphasized was the reason to close the product life cycle; if we keep that circle always closed we will extend the use of raw materials for the future.

In teamwork project we tried to create a scenario and try to figure out which nature individuals could adapt better in this place, in this scenario each group has a specified subject (waste, water, food, shelter, and playground). Our group chooses a shelter as a subject, so we defined the climate, after that we tried to find individuals that could have a good adaptation in that place, our research background was a lot of books about animals and their habitats, also internet websites, like

We can resume our day with some keywords like self- sustainability, product life cycle, recycling, teamwork, and bio mimicry.

Felipe De Lima