Visit the Carpet Tile's factory

Visit at the Carpet Tile's factory.

Yesterday we visited the Carpet Tile's factory interfaceFLOR . It was an really interesting visit as we had the opportunity to see the hole procedure of the production of carpet tiles.
What I think is realy important is that the factory gives a lot of thought in the impact that they have to the enviroment. The goal they have set is that they will have zero impact to the enviroment until the year 2020. This is the zero mission. So far they have made many improvements, ase they have managed to recycle old carpet tiles and reuse the materials again for the production of new. Also with some new machines they have manage to reduse the waste of the procedure at a very low point and also minimize the use of energy during the manufacture.
The operation of the factory is based on some basic conditions. These are: Evolve to survive, Be resource (material and energy) efficient, Adapt to changing conditions, Intergrate development with growth, Be locally atuned and responsive, use life-friendly chemistry.

To conclude, the way this factory functions is very promising about the future and the enviroment impact. We hope that in the following years they will achieve their goal!

Georgia Sismani , Collados Carlos , Beatriz Martin de Andres