Our First presentation !

This is the first stage of our design.

In our first presentation of our design we will present tha first stage of our waste management project. Of course we will change many things until the final presentation.
We made drawings of our basic design to visualize our thoughts. In the drawing we can see how the city is connected to the Recycling Plant and which will be the innovations of our project in the way city's waste is collected. We can also see that there will be a continiuous flow of water that is being purified and then reused, and that we produse biogas that is transfered in the Power Plant for further use.
After our presentation we will discuss our performance. We will correct any mistakes that we may have and also specify any parts that are not clear to the audience. This will be very healpful for the termination of our design.

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos