More Ideas about our project.

After discussing with others groups we had some new ideas about our project.

After our presentation we asked from all the groups to help us in our design by giving some ideas. The problem that we wanted to solve is how to make people in the future to care more about the amount of waste they produce. All the ideas were very interesting but we distinguished some of them.
The main idea, which many people mentioned, is to have some limit in the produced waste per person. This may be determined by law. if people overcome this limit they will have to pay some kind of fine or keep their waste at home. There will also be a limit for the CO2 emissions too.
Another idea is that alla the factories will have to take back their products after being used and try to recycle them in the best possible way. A very good example of this act is the Carpet Tile factory that we visited a few days ago.
Moreover, we can use the technology to approach people. A talking bin that advises you every time you are going to throw somethinf is a very good idea. Also, a sign showing how much your trush weight will make people be more careful.
We will use all these ideas to improve our design more!

Georgia Sismani , Beatriz Martin de Andres , Collados Carlos