Biomimicry - innovation inspired by nature!

Biomimicry is a tool for scoping, creating and evaluating design ideas!

Life creates conditions conducive to life

Our old thinking is about:
Take, Make, Waste
Heat, Beat, Treat

Nowadays more and more Sustainability approaches appear.

The biggest problem is that we use more than the earth produces.

All these processes on earth are highly Non-linear and dynamic.

Nature doesn’t waste! Every waste is food!

• Sun limitless (nearly) source of energy
• Cherish / stimulate diversity
• Support health (from people and nature)
• Goal: a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world (with clean air, water, soil and power) economically, equitably, ecologically, elegantly enjoyed

Energy-supply + Growing population is no problem

The Natural step:
• Nothing Disappears
• Everything spreads
• There is a value in Structure
• Photosynthesis Pays the Bill

Ecological Footprint:
• 2 problems: current way of producing and consuming and growing population
• Similar to funnel TNS
• It is an accounting method that seriously creates awareness, but lacks a change
Biomimicry is a new way of viewing and valuing nature. Some examples already exit
• Heliotrope Sun-tracking system
• CO2 as feedstock (e.g. green cement for a blue planet)
• East gate building (termite hill)
• Kabundborg Industrial Symbiosis (rain forrest for region)

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Markus Zöchbauer