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Orchestrating my software and my agency

I am looking to optimise the software we develop at Mediamatic. Software development is a very new craft compared with architecture, fashion, mechanics etcetera. So are the methods and tools. What input do I have to provide to create excellence?

It's all in the team.

The skills you need to start writing software are easy to learn, but to create bigger programmes, you need fundamental better training and education. And cooperation; we have html and css making frontenders, programmers, project facilitators, graphic designers, usability and communication experts, interaction designers and a strong vision to what we aim for. And all of that needs to cooperate real close to achieve the aim.

Rein Jansma argues in his interview about his architecture agency that you can build complex buildings only when you have a cooperative team of skilled and experienced designers. Same goes for software development.

Formulating requirements is the challenge. Think ahead of today, keep being practical, but sustainable too.

Workflow design is one of my favourite tasks, than I'm feeling to be the dirigent

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