Cyborg lives?: women's technobiographies

Cyborg Lives? is a groundbreaking collection of women’s autobiographical accounts of everyday relationships with technology. The ‘technobiographies’ presented here describe encounters with technology ranging from CDROMS and web pages to science laboratories, ante-natal screening, nuclear power and applicances in the home. These very personal stories offer insight into lived experience where gender intersects with class, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, generation, and subcultural identity in shaping technological encounters.

Cyborg Lives? uses Donna Haraway's now well-known cyborg metaphor to examine the centrality of technology to daily life. The result is a series of fascinating life-stories that stimulate thinking about the ways that technology intersects with ordinary, everyday experieces. The volume asserts that, in the twenty-first century, technology is an intrinsic part of our subjectivity - whether we like it or not.

Sally Wyatt wrote the chapter: Plugging into the mother country

Sally Wyatt