Organization question

Have you thought of having a hierarchy whiten the community to get the objectives developed?

Our community are made of a small group of persons that already knows the others. They were friends, relatives and work mates.
They decided to leave their normal lives and create and independent community. Even if they have took this hard decision, for their continuity as part of the community they have to feel that they are doing something good and practical that will make their lives better.
With this scenario, the better way to manage the community and to achieve the objectives is a democratic assembly, due to the reduced size of the community.
The public building will be used regularly for these assembly, where the problems and news of the community will be exposed.
For resolve the problems of the community, smaller groups will be created. These groups will be focused en the several activities, like energy, food supply, education, etc.
This way the is not a hierarchy like in work world, but several groups, where they can be movement and people can change between groups.

Tomás Martín González