standing on time-Nowadays-Technical background- Massice migration

1.How long does the new comunity can exist?
2. Do you really think it is still possible nowadays to develop this kind of life without the standards type of life?
3. You are creating a new society. In case that happens to be successful, new people will want to join. In case it doesn´t work people may want to leave that society. My question is: How would you manage migration flows?
4. Who is going to develop the industry needed for making for example a light or a truck? How would they manage that with just fifty people?
1. The new community is based in trustful between people who has the same goal, in other case to create a new society like this it would be impossible to achieve. So based on that idea, we know and we are supposing that we will find the perfect task and logistical distribution for making the proper working of this society. So if something happens that can destroy this society or his normal working will be an external event that is over the population core control. They know their place because they have made the shelter according to their needs. So it can exist and grows and they will modify the organization according to the own evolution, so it can exist as long as an extraordinary event happens. If a catastrophic event appears, for instance an attacked for burglars or terrorists, or an earthquake or flood, whatever that cannot be prevented in advanced in the current flow of the usual life, it can finish this society, but they will be external reasons, and there is no responsibility about that on the creator´s (responsible) of the idea.
2. We are completely sure not only that it´s possible, but it will happen this kind of society.
The base of this foundation is to escape from the standards prototype of life which are established in all the capitalist-developed countries, and as we said to make a context they have failed because of different reasons as pollution, high different between poor-rich people, financial crisis…
So a change will happen, and like all the important changes that happen in the history they begin in small isolated cores, and they developed their selves in the way that they feed from their welfare profits. The population will be the origin of a new standard of life.
3. This new project will be developed by itself. First we know the place, the geographic area, dry with hills for example, second we study our possibilities there, according to the second one we will make the third one and more important making a good plan about how will be the shelter that will cover all the needs from the inhabitants and we will modify it for that goal. After that the society we will be developing according to the progress that they will experience, if they increased population they will extend the households, they will make bigger the different services, but they always maintain their spirit, and their fundament in this development. It won´t be a messy increase of population, because population need housing, and there is no space in this community for private companies with liberalism policies which will corrupt this society. Everything will be natural as the human organism, and the growth from the kid to the ancient.
So this society in case an emergency event will happen there will be a connection with the general networks, as I explained before this evolution will be made in correspondence with the growth of the city.
4. This is according to my point of view the most difficult to manage, for me as an engineer this is the area in which I have more dudes and I am open to any suggestions. I cannot visualize the way of being able to produce all the pieces necessary to build all the devices or technology, services in general that we are used to in our life and they provide to us the welfare.
So looking forward an optimal solution for this according to the spirit that we have shown in our topic (auto-efficient), I think that we will decide what is completely possible to develop to satisfy needs in the most environmental way avoiding the use of the available technology we know, and for the rest take (buying, because even if it´s a kind of ecological proposition it will need a high investment for buying the area, urbanism, and the conditioning of the area) the pieces and devices from the present companies and industry, but reducing their consumption as the minimum as possible.
Maybe it could be possible a natural development of the industry as we expect from the society and infrastructure networks and relationship.

Alberto Javier