Mathieu Gaide set

The places to relax in big cities have activities separated for children and for parents; the first ones have their playground and the second ones when they are lucky, have their fitness machines. Moreover, city dweller´s life tend to be more and more stressfull and individualistic.
These two facts gave us the idea to creat a new kind of place that can fits in the small spaces available in cities, and that will gathered people from all ages. Many questions and doubt were issued about this project during the brainstorming session with the other groups. We tried to respond to these questions as good as we can, and to sinthetise these answers with our ideas.
We see our new place as a crossing point, where severeal activities, that will involved adults and children, will be proposed. Entertaining is the central point, but we will also try to give an educational dimension to our project, for exemple by making people aware of environemental issues. A biomimicry approach can be used to design our activities and our space, in order to make it pleasant for city dwellers, and to give them a small and calm piece of nature.