The main goal of our project is to create a new urban space where several generations can have fun together on the same activities.

But it creats a few problems of security that need to be overcome. Our project implies that the activities have to be designed for adults and kids, that don't have the same height, strength.... How creat a machine fun for adults but safe for a young child?
Moreover, in the common playgrounds there is an unconsious distinction between the space reserved for kids, represented by the games, and the one for adults around this area. In this scheme an adult alone in the play area will be quickly spotted and seen as a threat for childrean. Whereas in our new space there won´t be a distinction between adults´space and kids´space, so bad intention will be harder to guess. We need to bring answers to these problems to make feel confident parents when they will bring their child in this new space.

Mathieu Gaide