Use the nature

biomimicry: how you can get an idea from nature.
In our workshop we first stated with a short but very interesing introduction about nature and similiar thing in technology.
Than we did a workshop, where we used all our senses like smell, touch, feel, hear, tast and finally see. We recognised that feeling something gives total new and more information than just to see something.
We learned that one of the main things of biomimicry is to integrate Biology in Design, scoping, creating and evaluating
First we identify our poroblem than we tried to define the challenge. We presented our concept and defined the desing brief. Finally we discover natural models and abstract and sketch design principles. At the end we emulate the design ideas.
One of the idea was to use nature to produce enery, or to use activity of human to produce energy.
Finally we tried to find a name for our group.

Woidy Hammami