plaYce realised

This is about the final presentation that we made for plaYce in which we defined our challenges and finally came up with solution that matches up with all other teams needs and we found our plaYce in the grid.

After learning presence design and biomimicry we tried to integrate both the design aspect in
our design of plaYce. After having the concept cleared out for what we need and what we can offer
we went shopping to offer our services to different terms involved in other designs like shelter, water and

We realized out project fits the need of all of the other teams and we were really able to make design
to suggest a feasible plan. A structure design inspired by design of tree, having solar panel and water harvest
to be self sustainable just like a tree.
Our team designed activities touching upon topics like conservation of energy, some simple principles of
physics which are not just for fun but adds a great dimension of learning and passing message of
being responsible about use of energy.

I will introduce the plaYce and why we thought about the concept? How it is better than something that
already exists in the parks and other places? Why we need to have such places?

Simple answers would be to try and get people being connected and having fun together irrespective of their
age difference. For adults it is fun, relaxing and for young ones its a learning exercise, at the same time they are together
and spend some quality time. By using biomimicry we allow people to actually make biomimicry part of their lives
and make them think more towards similar concepts, therefore in a way the plaYce develops sense
of responsibility as well.

As i mentioned earlier we propose some great ideas which are simple yet very interesting and meets
all our goals. We hope that plaYce come to reality because at one point of time society needs
such places to have positive impact on society in many ways.