PD:The role of individuals in problem solving and decision making processes.
BM:How can nature inspires us in our design?

Inspiration from nature
We took a lot of inspiration from yesterday’s biomimicry workshop. The problem we want to solve is the lack of water in Madrid during the summer. So we want to store water during the winter and use this during the warm periods. We found a good example: The cactus stores water in an interesting way, because it has to deal with the heat in the desert and it stores water in the middle of its body.

Also the cactus has very deep roots to collect the water out of the soil. We can build a drain to imitate the roots. So we can also collect water before its seeping away.
The cactus swells and prevents the water stored inside from evaporation. So we have to use an insulating material.

Another system, that we can use to save water, could be a big container on the roof of each house in order to collect rain water and use it for laundry and for flushing device of the toilet.

To irrigate the garden it’s more sustainable to use small tubes for drip irrigations instead of a sprinkling system. This idea is also similar to the roots of a plant.

Instead of having a swimming pool in the garden it is a more environmentally friendly way to build a pond with an ecosystem which is able to keep the water clean by itself.

Eva Cabrera Escribano