Student Act (Do/not-Do) Relation (You/not-You)

First thoughts


We will focus on making our transport system:

-Flexible( lot of lines, better frecuence)

-Attractive (encourage people to take public) economic attraction (cheap, different prizes for students or old people, free children)

-Safe for bikes in the centre and pedestrians (avoid run-overs) & environmental care (lots of bikes and electrical buses)

Questions about transport
1. Why not other things while transporting but work?
Sports, static bike (make electricity for few uses), running machines,the problem is you may need showers at your working place. Also take under consideration reading places with newspapers and magazines.
2. To attract people - More comfortable buses/metros, cheap prizes,
kids place in metro, not possible in the bus, with “static games”
3. Rush hour, how you manage work? More buses/metros with better frecuency.
Be able to connect into the net and start working (example: Microsoft US), or in public transport to have some Computers attached so that you put a coin and you get Internet connection.
4. Letting cars to go into the centre in not rush hour.
5. If city grows, how to adapt?
Better to use more buses, its easier to use new buses than building new metro lines, but will have to think about developing our metro line too. A board of people can monitor the growth of the city and plan future extensions.
6. Security issues:
Safety.- we teach the bus drivers they have to take care of the bikes, as we expect lots of bikes movements in the city centre
Security.- same as nowadays.
7. Possibility of poolcars? (full cars) we let them go into the city. Big fines if a car with less than 4 people goes into the city."camaras controlling", a lot of control at the begining so that people take it seriously
8. Buses could:
-either pick children at school and take them all to a playground so that the parents are there already or are about to get there (special buses for children only)
-either take them to the working places so they meet there with their parents.
9. Electric bikes to rent in the city centre, not really fast, just to use when you are climbing a hill. Expect many bike stations. Bike line everywhere in the centre.
10. None to contribute to infrastructure, just changing their minds, so that with the tickets of the public transport you can afford the changes you make on it.