be inspired from the nature

The tranpsort system of the ants

Yesterday we went to a factory that uses biomimitism to produce their products. The factory produces carpets and they are inspired by the circle of life where everything has it use and nothing is wasted. It was a really nice experince. I was impressed from the factory as well as from the hospitallity.
One of our inspirations from the nature was the transport system of the ants and how they can find the shortest and the fastest route back to their nest. All these, parallels with goals of our trasport system, but the insect is better at managing congestion and helping each other move around their colony much more efficiently, than humans. The ants in their research for food they choose the shortest route. But when this route became congested, the ant that returns along the congested route to the nest, collided with another ant just starting out, the returning ant pushed the newcomer into an other path.That is why you never see the tiny creatures backed up and idling along a scent trail, as they busily go about their chores, in an organised and directed way.
A close observation of the animals kingtom and generally the nature can teach us lots of things and lead us to better sollutions.

Ioanna Palanta