Who lives in the community

questions from other groups

How do you choose that 50 persons?
We don’t choose anyone. It’s just a group of people that are disgusted by the city full of crisis. We don’t say who can go and who doesn’t. We just create a situation that this young group of people konw each other from work or neighbourhood.

Can you communicate with other or just live in very small community?
Of course if you want to. It is not a crazy isolated community that don't know other people. It's a group of people that know each other and decided to live somewhere else. It depends on their resources and their technology. We are not talking about middle age society. They’ll have possibilites to communicate if they’ll want to.

Have you thought of building notes collecting system to take advantage of the rain. Because if it is a very dry place, droughts could hit the village
Yes, of course. It’s one of our main factor of being able to live without civilisation. Nowadays we have much knowledge about being independent. You collect energy and heat from sun, water and ground. And it’s really elementary thing to collect rain water in tanks and use it after. It’s part of our plans.

Radka Simandlova