No concept of time in the Global Service Model

The reason why western companies like Indian workers is that there is no concept of time. Especially with a laptop and mobile phone at home, Indian workers will take calls from clients till late at night. When it is necessary to continuously work for 14 or 15 hours to be able to deliver, you need to have that Indian-ness to be able to do so, argues Ilavarasan.

However, there are anecdotal evidences show that people are reaching the breaking point of managing the stress at work. New health problems related to stress have arisen: blood pressure, heart problems and back problems. Also the divorce rate of married couples has gone up and a whole new industry for relaxation and ‘taking time of’ came into existence.

Ilavarasan argues that overall the working balance is very poor. On the one hand, in the human-machine interaction, the technology never stops and does not get tired. On the other hand, the ‘global service model’ in which workers communicate with clients from around the globe who live in other time zones, the particular time difference also creates a lot of problems.