How to contribute?

You can make your profile, collect interesting articles, publish this collection, make new articles your self and publish these in your own workspace or in the blogs. It will great if we can al publish previous expereinces with making mediated presence applications and/or set ups in our working spaces. Some may be good to publish in the blog as well.

Anymeta, the community management systems on which being-here functions, consist of 'things' and 'links'. Things can be 2 kind of things only: sets and articles. Sets are baskets in which we collect articles. Content is in the articles, which match with each other throughout the site.

Check out:

Here are some short descriptions of what you can do.

click on your name and click edit and the rest shows itself

Your own Contributions:
On top of the screen, in red, yu see "Your Contributions". Here you can make articles and sets. Sets are containers of articles. The articles carry the content and match with other articles if you give keywords. The system demands that you always add a short introduction, because you see those in the matching and that helps others to decide whether to click your article or not.

So far all keywords have been authored by me. The idea is to develop a 'shared authoring of keywords', The assumtion is that because keywords are authored, and not generated, meaning emerges. When authoring keywords choose those with whom it is interestng to link. Do not just describe a contribution in the keywords, also pick keywords that challenge a contribution. Keep in mind tht a keyword refers to a 'territory' of knowledge, and include thier own negation as well. By now they function as contaners of specific areas of interest.

Pubishing in your workspace:
You can devide your workspace in several sets in which you gather articles according to theme. Or you can also just add articles to your set. To make a set or an article, go to your working space and click edit. If you click 'Insert an item" you have to choose whether you make a set or an article. Then the interface helps you to fill it all.

Making sets:
Only sets decide which articles they incorperate. So you always have to say 'edit' on the set, to add an artcile to it. Be it a new article, or an artcile from your collection or from the site else where.

Collecting articles:
When you surf through the site, you find under every article title the red button "collect". If you press this, the article will appear on your profile page. When you want to add an article to a set in your working space, you can then also search in your own contributions and paste them into your own sets under your working space.

Publishing in the blog:
Make an article in your contributoins and save it. Check whether you like it, as it is. Then say edit again. You will see the button 'publish in blog' on the right side of the screen. When you click that, you can choose in which blog you publish the article. Then say publish and it will appear in the blog.

There is a manual on Anymeta at:

Or mail:

Or contact Caroline: