Update on the prototyping

Shared Negotiation Space, our collaborate workspace

Since a few weeks we are developing the prototype in order to establish an extended space between the R1 Presence Lab and TU Delft Interactive Intelligence Group. Based on the workshop in March, TU Delft made a version of the prototype which you can see here: http://ii.tudelft.nl/event_photos/VIDEO0013.3gp
Since May, we have had Hans Jaanmat, masters student from TU Delft, as a guest contributor in the Presence Lab. Hans has been of great help and has focused on exploring WebRTC functionalities that we are now testing.
The pictures below show our thinking towards a three-party work space. Each person has an individual workstation, but next to it, is a table with a shared negotiation surface, which can also be used for sketching of course.
Hopefully we also make some progress at the workshop in Delft next week! Hope to see you there!

Charlie Gullström