SketchTop: Design Collaboration on a Multi-touch Tabletop

Computer mediated group collaboration, particularly in the
design and engineering disciplines, is in need of better
applications that suit the needs of effective exchange of
information. Multi-touch surfaces offer the capabilities to
augment and better enable face-to-face interaction with
digital content and applications. This paper presents the
design, development and testing of SketchTop, a multitouch
sketching application for collocated design

Authors: Paul Clifton1, Ali Mazalek1, Jon Sanford2, Claudia Rébola2,
Seunghyun “Tina” Lee2, Natasha Powell2

Digital Media Program1, School of Industrial Design2
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, USA

Author Keywords
Multi-touch tabletop, Design, Collaboration

Charlie Gullström