Angelo Vermeulen

The invitation to integrate a new iteration of the Biomodd project in the online Witnessed Presence platform offered me a new set of tools to analyse both my artistic practice and my interaction with the communities I work with. Biomodd had been running for several years, and looking at it from a fresh perspective through such concepts as ‘witnessing’ and ‘rhythms’, gave me a better understanding of its creative and social dynamics. By including some of my other projects and create lateral connections between the different art works, I discovered common threads and themes that I hadn’t clearly perceived before. My contribution became a layered and dense analysis that has already impacted the rest of my further artistic development. Publishing all of this on a cross-linked website put the projects in an even broader context. Through carefully chosen keywords all sorts of interesting – and sometimes unexpected – connections with other participating artists showed up, further deepening the newly acquired insights.

Link to contribution here